Eduardo Conde
Eduardo Conde
     I am seeking out collectors of contemporary visual arts. Possible patrons of working Latin-American artists like myself. I also welcome inquiries by fine art institutions that would like to show contemporary Paintings and Drawings of the kind I make.
     My current fine arts resume started in Cuba and resumes in 1980 when I arrived in the States. My resume includes three Visual Arts Fellowships: The Cintas International Art Fellowship, The Mid-American/NEA Artist Fellowship and The Arkansas Arts Council Artist Fellowship.
     One of my Paintings is housed by the permanent Cintas Collection of Contemporary Visual Arts at the Florida International University and one of my drawings was purchased by the Arkansas Arts Center permanent collection of contemporary Latin-American Drawings. My resume also includes countless exhibitions and many visual arts awards. buy zolpidem online clonazepam online pharmacy xanax online no prescription reductil online without prescription buy provigil online no prescription buy meridia online without prescription
      If you are an art patron looking to support and to collect contemporary Latin American visual arts, your inquiry into my available paintings and drawings will be very welcome.

Muchas Gracias, Eduardo Conde

La Brisa

Ya llego la brisa del Mar
Acrylics on canvas and crowm moulding. 44" by 57". Private collection, Arkansas.

Web Perro

The Arrival Of The Holy Dog
Charcoal on paper. 49" by 44"

Web Walking

Walking Through Memories
Acrylics on canvas and crown moulding. 34" by 37". Private collection, Mill Valley, CA.

Come Take The Rainbow

Come And Take The Rainbow If You Can
Charcoal on paper 47" by 67"

Web TercerS

El Tercer Sueno
Acrylics on panel and crown moulding 54" by 55"


The Virgen That Bowls The Spheres
Charcoal on paper. 44" by 56"

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